Scenes From Civic Life

These pictures, these “Scenes From Civic Life”, are an ongoing series of visual essays that organize my personal photography. They are garlands of stories strung together from glimpses, glances, of everyday life, from things simply as they are. The pictures are isolated moments, character sketches, specific instants entwined and held suspended so that in their entirety they describe and contain the world.

My work seeks in a most elemental, quiet, honest and direct manner to express the commonplace of our society and culture. This is similar to the traditions of painters such as Breughel, Millet, Pissarro, Canaletto, and going as far back as some of the earliest depictions of daily life as represented in the Lascaux cave paintings.

“Scenes From Civic Life” is not intended to be narrative. And while it may seem in a certain way documentary I am not interested in making documents. Rather, the documentary style serves as a departure point toward an intent more lyrical and painterly. In a sense, like poetry, it is my intent to give form to the indescribable.